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Patient Testimonial: Mr. Nikhil Yadav

Hello! This is Nikhil Yadav, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIET, Meerut and would like to share my experience regarding surgery of varicose veins through which I went on 29th Nov, 2016.

Firstly I would like to brief upon the varicose veins that could take place in anyone at any age and at any stage. It usually happens in the feet below the knee where the veins get swelled up. Sometimes this could easily be observed superficially.


Surgivisor launches its Health Advantage Card, HealthX e-Card

Media House : Medgate Today

Date of Publishing : December 17th 2016


Surgivisor : Startup offering assistance to patients advised surgery

Media House : Indian Voice Times

Date of Publishing : December 15th 2016


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Surgivisor: Startup Offering Assistance to Patients Advised Surgery

Media House : iamwire

Date of Publishing : December 12th 2016


Knee replacement surgery: Let the pain go away.

One decision changed my life for forever. I was lost in the pain and sorrow, but now they are the things of past. Now I can freely say, LIFE IS GREAT!

My knee pain began at the age of 51, as it was the beginning, pain was mostly infrequent, but after any strenuous activity the pain became more prominent and difficult. By the time I was 55, the pain started progressing and troubling me almost every day; even a short walk was a painful task for me.