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Heart valve replacement changes man’s life – Without Open heart surgery

Do you know what is TAVR or why it is taken as a better option than open heart surgery?

Well, nowadays, doctors and surgeons are using this less invasive technique which is known as TAVR  or Transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

Understand How Stenosis Occurs

Aorta is a one-way path which opens to allow blood to surge from the heart to the other organs of the body. The differences and tension occur as someone ages.  But as you age, the valve’s leaflets may stiffen and become clogged due to calcium deposits which further restrict blood flow. Other symptoms include dizziness, tired, and of course, breathless. If the aorta valve is not replaced in time, the patient may die within two years from aortic stenosis and its dangerous symptoms.

If we talk about the options, then it was only open-heart surgery till a few years ago. But nowadays, transcatheter aortic valve replacement offers a less invasive option and patient get recovered in a shorter span of time. In the United States, the two devices are available named as the Sapien valve and the Core Valve. These valves are approved for people who have been suggested that their normal surgery would become too risky. Both of the devices are levelled to refinements and can be done without general anaesthesia.


In most of the general cases, traditional valve replacement surgery includes your heart open while the heart-lung bypass machine treatment is being followed. This procedure is really risky for old age people as they are very frail and tend to have other health problems. To estimate a person’s risk of dying, doctors use online tools during the surgery. If the estimation is higher than 8%, then it is considered high risk for which TAVR is sought to be the best option.

Though TAVR is diagnosed with some serious issues as well such as leakage around the new valve, higher risk of stroke and etc, there are new devices which show dramatically less leakage than earlier iterations.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

During the TAVR procedure, the aortic valve is replaced and crimped onto a deflated balloon and placed at the tip of a thin, catheter. This valve is made of pig or cow tissue.

This catheter is then inserted into a blood vessel which threads up to the opening between the heart and the aorta. Once it reaches the diseased aortic valve, this same device expands and anchors to the old valve.

Recovery In Short Span

Opt for best surgeon for heart valve replacement to get quicker recovery. In many cases, doctors or surgeons prefer to use conscious sedation instead of general anaesthesia during TAVR procedures. Conscious sedation is better in some cases because in anaesthesia people go semi-coma situation where they feel groggy after consciousness and in conscious sedation, people can talk normally without knowing what is happening with them.


Some Drawbacks Of TAVR

  • Risk of needing a pacemaker
  • It can disrupt the heart’s natural ability to maintain a regular rhythm
  • The cost TAVR procedure or treatment is six times more expensive than the normal open heart surgery.

•    They have an intermediate risk of dying during surgery (4% – 5% chances).

Click This Video To know – What is the procedure of Heart Valve Replacement?

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Beating Heart Bypass Surgery – Things You Should Know


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting is a treatment or surgical procedure which is done to normalize the blood flow. It happens around the blockage or narrowed section in the major arteries that somehow barred a normal blood and oxygen flow to the heart. In heart bypass surgery in Delhi, a cardiac surgeon performs the same in two ways.

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Heart Bypass Surgery vs Angioplasty – Which is better?

If the patient has any cardiac disease, it becomes really important to understand the difference between the heart bypass surgery and angioplasty to treat coronary artery disease. The treatment depends on many hard facts and different things.

Who has the option of choosing angioplasty?

Be it heart bypass surgery in Delhi or coronary angioplasty in Delhi, choosing a right treatment is something that your doctor should make. But there is a small but essential role of yours:

Heart Bypass Surgery


If you have a mild heart disease, then there is not much narrowing of arteries.

If you have stable angina, then this is the period which occurs with emotional or physical stress.

You need to talk to your doctor about angioplasty before you have a coronary angiogram.

Risks Of Angioplasty

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

The probability of facing such situations increases with the increase of age.

Depending on the bio-system of the people, some of them recover quicker than expected. They can also return to their normal activities within a few days as per their comfort level.

The Need Bypass Surgery

Not everyone needs heart bypass surgery and can be helped by angioplasty with stents only. Some people get medical therapy which includes lifestyle changes and medicinal prescription. And there are people who take both the treatments. The doctor only recommends bypass surgery when you are getting benefits from it. Your age, health and pedigree chart determines the best treatment for you.

Risks Of Bypass Surgery

The surgery has been practised for more than 40 years. But there are some noted risks:

  1. Too much bleeding.
  2. Stroke.
  3. Heart attack.
  4. Death.

There are some other risks as well which includes angina, anaesthesia, and infections at the site of the chest incision. In some cases, memory loss and trouble thinking also have been noted, though these are observed in old aged people.

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