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9 Must Know Facts About Open Heart Surgery

In open heart surgery, the chest and then the heart is cut open to treat or unblock or fix the diseased muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart. Do you know that the coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the most common type of heart surgery in India? As its name is little scary, people avoid going through with this kind of treatment. One should know all kind of facts before opting for it and to alleviate anxiety associated with such a major procedure.

open heart surgery

Here is a quick wrap-up of all things that you must know about open heart surgery:

1. CABG or coronary artery bypass graft is the most common heart bypass surgery that is done on people from all over the world. The abbreviation sounds as CABG or “cabbage” which is done to open blocked arteries in the heart. People who have had this surgery have live angina free life for over 5 years.

2. Many hospitals share the data of open heart surgeries done in their premises and others don’t. Organisations like Consumer Reports carry ratings on the procedures. You can check the rating of the hospital according to the success rate in their portal and can take your decisions accordingly.

3. The incision length that a surgeon makes in your breastbone is 2 to 5 inches long.

4. During the procedure, your heart will stop to respond and for that time your body will be hooked up to a heart-lung machine

5. Your body will contain many wires and tubes when you wake up after the surgery which will help to drain the fluid from the body. A temporary pacemaker will also be there. Do you know that you will also find a tube down your throat at that time?

6. Ask best surgeon for open heart surgery and how he or she is planning to do the grafting. The grafting vein is taken from the patient’s leg and nowadays, some surgeons prefer to use the vein from the internal chest wall, called the internal thoracic artery or the internal mammary artery because it is the most effective one.

7. After the surgery, you will be put in ICU for two days normally and an almost week in general ward.

8. It will take almost 2-5 months to recover from the surgery and you will be on regular doctor’s consultation, following diet chart and can also enroll in a cardiac rehab program.

9. Mood swings and adrenaline rush (with an urge to cry or sudden depression) are some of the most common after effects.


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Beating Heart Bypass Surgery – Things You Should Know


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting is a treatment or surgical procedure which is done to normalize the blood flow. It happens around the blockage or narrowed section in the major arteries that somehow barred a normal blood and oxygen flow to the heart. In heart bypass surgery in Delhi, a cardiac surgeon performs the same in two ways.

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Heart Bypass Surgery vs Angioplasty – Which is better?

If the patient has any cardiac disease, it becomes really important to understand the difference between the heart bypass surgery and angioplasty to treat coronary artery disease. The treatment depends on many hard facts and different things.

Who has the option of choosing angioplasty?

Be it heart bypass surgery in Delhi or coronary angioplasty in Delhi, choosing a right treatment is something that your doctor should make. But there is a small but essential role of yours:

Heart Bypass Surgery


If you have a mild heart disease, then there is not much narrowing of arteries.

If you have stable angina, then this is the period which occurs with emotional or physical stress.

You need to talk to your doctor about angioplasty before you have a coronary angiogram.

Risks Of Angioplasty

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

The probability of facing such situations increases with the increase of age.

Depending on the bio-system of the people, some of them recover quicker than expected. They can also return to their normal activities within a few days as per their comfort level.

The Need Bypass Surgery

Not everyone needs heart bypass surgery and can be helped by angioplasty with stents only. Some people get medical therapy which includes lifestyle changes and medicinal prescription. And there are people who take both the treatments. The doctor only recommends bypass surgery when you are getting benefits from it. Your age, health and pedigree chart determines the best treatment for you.

Risks Of Bypass Surgery

The surgery has been practised for more than 40 years. But there are some noted risks:

  1. Too much bleeding.
  2. Stroke.
  3. Heart attack.
  4. Death.

There are some other risks as well which includes angina, anaesthesia, and infections at the site of the chest incision. In some cases, memory loss and trouble thinking also have been noted, though these are observed in old aged people.

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