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December 2016


Hepato Cellular Carcinoma: Not every belly ache is harmless.

“My husband came home one day from his office reporting immense abdominal pain. We thought it was caused by food poisoning. But the pain kept on returning. So, we consulted a doctor. After many tests, it was confirmed that my husband was suffering from a special type of liver cancer known as Hepato Cellular Carcinoma. In the weeks that followed, he underwent a surgery. After this prolonged surgery, he recovered quickly. Now, he is again back to his normal life.”

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Blood Cancer: Categories, Symptoms and Cure.

“From childhood I heard several stories about my uncle who was a brilliant student with a bright future ahead. His talent was not solely confined to academics; he was good in sports and art too. All of his teachers hoped that one day he would glorify our small town with his talents. But all his talents could not see him through Leukemia! After battling against this killer disease for eight months, he succumbed. A misfortunate story of a talented life cut short by blood cancer.”

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FIVE important Gynaecological problems in Women

Gynecological problems are very common and they start with our menstrual cycles and may affect any organ of the female reproductive system. Irregular periods, heavy or thin bleeding, pain, itching or swelling in vaginal areas are few common symptoms which most of us do face at some point of time in our life but, we are shy of discussing such IMPORTANT ISSUES openly.

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Patient Testimonial: Mr. Nikhil Yadav

Hello! This is Nikhil Yadav, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIET, Meerut and would like to share my experience regarding surgery of varicose veins through which I went on 29th Nov, 2016.

Firstly I would like to brief upon the varicose veins that could take place in anyone at any age and at any stage. It usually happens in the feet below the knee where the veins get swelled up. Sometimes this could easily be observed superficially.

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Surgivisor launches its Health Advantage Card, HealthX e-Card

Media House : Medgate Today

Date of Publishing : December 17th 2016

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Surgivisor : Startup offering assistance to patients advised surgery

Media House : Indian Voice Times

Date of Publishing : December 15th 2016

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Healthcare at Home Services

Healthcare at Home Services and Respective Prices

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