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November 2016


Surgivisor: The game changer for Surgeries

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Date of Publishing : November 29th 2016

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Robotic Cancer Surgery – Pioneering Better Cancer Care

Treatment of cancer has always been very traumatic, especially, for those who have to undergo the entire gamut of options like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for their cure. Undergoing surgery is indeed the most risky option out of all. The risk of infection at the incision site, excessive bleeding during the surgery, pain, delayed recovery leading to long stay in the hospital and post operative scars add more sufferings to the entire journey of cancer treatment through surgery. 

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How to choose right hospital and doctor for a medical surgery: Here’s a startup to help you out

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Date of Publishing : November 18th 2016

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Stop Oral Cancer  Sign Painted - Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background.

Oral Cancer: Speech is a gift, Preserve it

“Whenever I go to the movie theatre, I enter 5 minutes after the scheduled time. I want to avoid the famous advertisement of Mukesh, the oral cancer patient. He reminds me of my next door Sharma uncle who, in my childhood, told innumerable stories. Sadly Sharma uncle cannot speak now as he has lost his tongue due to oral cancer. He had a very common but lethal habit of chewing the tobacco. Though, timely treatment and surgery saved his life, but my story teller became silent for the rest of the life!” 

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Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi

Cardiac health: Technological Advancements & Improved Procedures 

Medical science has improved a lot, medical developments and techniques in the last decade have changed our view towards healthcare, specially Cardiac Care. Thanks to all the developments in medical technology, countless lives have been saved and the overall quality of life has been improved.

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Colectomy: It’s only a Colon not a Full Stop.

Shilpi Bhargav was living a wonderful life surrounded by her family. It never crossed her mind that something bad could happen in her life. But this fairytale turned into a dark phase when she noticed bleeding in her stool. Though she ignored it for some time, but she was also bothered by many other health issues side by side. So, she decided to discuss it with her family doctor who immediately recommended a Colonoscopy. And she was diagnosed with colon cancer having a large tumor.

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stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem the Growth

When I was informed that my brother in law was diagnosed with Leukemia, I felt a chilled shiver run down my spine. 25 years ago, I lost my little brother due to this horrible disease. I didn’t want to undergo the same terrible circumstances once again. So, we started haunting for the best possible treatment. And thanks to stem cell therapy, history did not repeat itself this time!  

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burn surgery

Burn Surgery: Look Better, Feel Confident.

Burns are painful. Deep wounds, dark scars and cuts are some of the common after effects of burn which nobody wants to see. Our body and looks is a core feature of our physical identity. Our appearance demonstrates how others identify us and how we think of our “self.”

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kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant: Be a savior!

Organ transplant, more particularly a kidney transplant is a necessary evil. Ninety percent people waiting on the transplant list die waiting for an organ in India every year. Only one out of thirty people on the list get a kidney and 15000 people wait for renal transplant every year.

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