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September 2016

bariatric surgery for weight loss

Bariatric Surgery: Effective for Long Term Weight-loss

Don’t you feel uncomfortable carrying the extra kilos around your waist? Have you tried to transform your lifestyle just to reduce the waistline and failed? Are you spending a minimum of 60 minutes every day in workout sessions and yet there is no decrease in the waistline?

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prosthetic leg running and walking easily

Artificial Limbs: Latest Innovation & Technology in Prosthetics & Orthotics….Now in India.

Every year 23,500 amputees are added to the amputee population in India, of which 20,200 are males and 3,300 are females. If you have had an amputation or were born with a missing limb, you may wish to be fitted with a prosthesis.

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throat cancer checkup

Throat Cancer: Move towards the Cure, not Despair

“I was one among the many who got bored when that prolonged warning sign appeared on the large screen asking us to refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco during a movie. I even made fun of it, but not anymore. Last year, my cousin Rajesh was diagnosed with throat cancer. And my views of the world have changed ever since.

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breast cancer surgery

Breast Cancer:It’s Time to Beat the Breast Beast!

Breast Cancer is not something to be taken for granted. This is the most common type of cancer among all women all over the world. When we talk about India, every year more than 1 lakh women are diagnosed with breast cancer and out of every 2 cases of breast cancer, one is dying. Breast cancer rates are higher in developed countries as compared to the developing ones.

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best hospital for coronary artery bypass surgery in noida

Coronary Bypass Surgery: A Complete Insight

In India, over 100,000 open heart surgeries are performed every year. The success rate of bypass surgery in India’s leading hospitals is more than 98%, which is even higher than that of USA. As per a research conducted by the American Heart Association, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is one of the most conducted open-heart surgery in the World.

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gall bladder stone surgery pain removal

Gall Bladder Stones: Suffer no more PAIN!

Gall Bladder Stones are very common in India. Its occurrence is generally high in the adult population in the cities of North India, which is 7 times higher than that in South India. Women suffers more than men; in India, 61% of females suffer from gallstones which is quite high than that of males i.e. 39%.

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child delivery ultrasound

Soon to be Mommy? Know more about Child Delivery!

Going to be a Mommy or daddy soon? This article is a must read for you!

Babies are the magic of God; the bond between mother and her baby is eternal. The pain which is faced by every MOM to experience the motherhood is nothing in front of this beautiful and innocent gift.

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cataract clinic before cataract surgery

My Blissful Journey of Cataract Surgery

From the time I walked into my eye specialist’s room until I walked out of the surgery, every step was so fearless which I always thought would be frightening, before I actually got my surgery done. I feel so blessed with that clarity and brightness in my eyesight now. Honestly, I regret that I didn’t go for it sooner.

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