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July 2016

world hepatitis day

WHO Hepatitis Day-Let’s Fight the pandemic

It seems that the virus have started to rule humans. Most of the deadly diseases that we encounter these days are virus stimulated. One such threatening virus is the Hepatitis Virus that has taken the toll to 400 million people worldwide. The plight is that 95% of the affected people do not even know they are infected. Isn’t this an indication of ignorance amongst us? To make public more and more aware of this lethal virus, 28th July is now declared as World hepatitis day by WHO to increase awareness and understanding. Let’s join hands with them to combat this virus.

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kidney stone treatment in delhi

Kidney Stones: cause, types, symptoms and treatment

Kidney stones are very common problem which arises due to erratic lifestyle and change in a dietary habit. Those painful and irritating kidney stones are small hard stones that form in the kidney. They are often caused by erratic lifestyle and improper diet. Kidney stones are more common in men as compared to women.

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silvester hair transplant

Hair Transplant: Say no to baldness

Approximately 60% of men and 10% of women suffers from the problem of hair loss. Extreme hair loss or balding can make you look older than your age. But now, with the help of hair transplant surgery, one can get their hair back.

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bone graft spinal cord

Bone Grafting: Say no to broken and lost bones

Problems associated with bones and joints make life difficult. Daily activities seems like a big task to accomplish. But thanks to bone grafting, due to which bone fractures or bone defects no more seem like a suffering. Bone grafting is bit scary, but when it comes to bones and joints, it has got the tendency to make impossible things possible.

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