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June 2016

rhinoplasty image

Rhinoplasty: A way towards facial features perfectionism

Don’t you get nervous or completely furious when people weirdly stares at your nose? Don’t you ever thought that it would be nice if your nose was a little smaller or little bigger than it is now? The answers to all the above questions will be most probably yes, but what can be done to get rid of this situation?

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lip augmentation for beautiful lips

Lip Augmentation: A new way to get that fabulous smile

SMILE is one of the most beautiful ornament one can ever wear. Gone are the days when beautiful smile and perfectly shaped lips were just the dreams, but now, with the advancement in technology and the introduction of the aesthetic plastic surgery one can live the dream they have ever thought of living.

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doctor surgeon entire team

What to look for when selecting a Hospital???

Hospital is the only place where both science and spirituality meets. Hospitals are about healing, so it should be chosen wisely. Every hospital is different, in some hospitals people get more care while in some they get more bill.

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vericose veins treatment in delhi

Varicose Veins: It’s time to say goodbye to Lumpy Legs

All those who are suffering from varicose veins, knows the actual pain behind it. We all know what varicose veins looks like, visible swollen and twisted veins, but what we don’t know is the exact reason behind their occurrence.

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tummy tuck surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery: A Path to Perfect Belly

Is your belly resistant enough to show any effects of all your diets and workouts? Are you tired of trying almost every possible way to get rid of that bulging tummy?

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dental surgery smiling face

Get a Smile That Shines With Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Smile is the best ornament one can ever wear. In no way you should compromise on its beauty and care. With the advancement in medical science, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are now ready to provide you with unusually dazzling smile which will never hold you back from laughing your heart out. With accurate oral treatments and positioning of teeth no one will hide the most beautiful expression of happiness. 

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laser skin correction of face

Laser Acne Treatment: A step towards Glowing and Spotless Skin

Tired of applying different face creams, natural remedies and face mask to get rid of those acne marks? There is absolutely no solution that you haven’t tried out but your spots are stubborn enough.

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Apollo colorectal clinic

Apollo Hospitals inaugurated “The Centre for Colorectal Diseases”

 “The Centre for Colorectal Diseases”, a first of its kind, integrated multidisciplinary centre in Asia

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surgery surgivisor

Defining Surgery planned and unplanned, what should be done?

Surgery is in itself a dreadful word which no one wants to hear. But when such situation arises, no option is left except surgery. Surgeries can be planned or unplanned, depending upon the condition one is suffering from.

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